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Cacao Energy

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Cacao Meditation


Cacao has many nutritional benefits that help the body and mind to relax. Energetically, the essence of cacao has a perfect

balance of yin and yang energy which helps to open the heart centre so that we can enjoy a reconnection to self and to nature.

In this relaxing and uplifting cacao meditation set at the Sacred Garden in Hove, you will also have an opportunity to buy

some of Dandy's Raw Choc bars after the meditation.

Next date: Sunday June 23rd 3-4pm 

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The magic of cacao

Heart-opening energy

As well as eating cacao, you can also enjoy drinking cacao in a cacao ceremony. Cacao has always been revered for it's alchemical properties and spiritual values. Taking part in a cacao ceremony is a beautiful way to enjoy the bliss of this special food and to allow you to tune into its loving vibration. Cacao is used in sacred ceremonies to help open our hearts and begin dreaming a more harmonious world into being and we could all do with an abundance of love to help bring more love into the world. Drinking a cup of hot cacao, or eating cacao while sitting around an open fire, having a guided meditation or sitting together in silence underneath the stars, are all ways to enjoy a cacao ceremony. 

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‘Cacao switches you on and tunes

you into a higher vibration’


Uplifting Energy

In every bar

Dandy's Raw Choc bars are handmade in Brighton by me, Dandy. 

Each bar is lovingly made with pure alchemy for a nutritious and high-vibrational food.

Cacao is a sacred food that has a subtle yet powerful effect on your well-being.

With a plethora of nutritional benefits, cacao provides physical and mental energy,

while uplifting mood and opening up your heart vibration.

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Each of the seven flavours correspond to the seven energy chakras of the luminous energy body to illustrate the

special connection between cacao energy and our own energy body.

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